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Therapies & Products

SpecThera is focused on providing medications to patients in therapeutic areas of Cancer, Immunology, Specialized anti-infectives and Complex products(ophthalmology, rare diseases, hospital CNS and others).

Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide and in the US. Delivering highest quality treatments for cancer is a key priority for us.

SpecThera is engaged in a number of development activities – both through licensing and product acquisitions to make available critical cancer treatments for patients.

Recognizing the highest burden of cancer is in breast cancer, lung, prostate, bladder, melanoma of the skin, as well as hematological cancers such as non-Hodgkin lymphoma, CLL and so on, SpecThera is focusing on licensing and development of products in these areas.

Additional areas of focus include Immunology, anti-infectives, and complex products.

We focus on both commercialization and further clinical development of assets, and also search for treatments across therapies, especially in Immunology and complex anti-infectives.

Our complex products focus ranges across therapies and prescriber segments.