Our Mission


Our Mission

We are a pharmaceutical company with a single mission and priority. Our patients. Making a difference in patient’s lives is personal to us. Ensuring patients have access to highest quality medicines that help them achieve longer and better lives is what gives purpose to all of us at SpecThera.

We focus on finding and making available treatments for diseases that are life threatening or make a significant impact on quality of life. For us, each patient is important. We don’t distinguish if the treatment is for one patient or millions.

We have defined our company’s primary goal as making a significant difference to lives of at least 50,000 patients within 5 years.

For this reason, we focus our resources on specialty medicines with critical need especially in complex diseases such as cancer, immunology, specialty anti-infectious diseases and complex products.

To deliver our mission, we ensure on market products continue to be made available to patients, as well as we are engaging in our own development activities.

We ensure the medical information about the products is accessible to healthcare professionals, and all patient services and access to medication support is of highest quality. We also ensure information available to patients and care givers is of highest quality.

Just as important as our patient mission to us is transparency and strong corporate responsibility especially related to business ethics and sales and marketing practices. We are driven by our values. Integrity and ethics is embedded in our behaviors at SpecThera as well as in our business code of conduct.