Corporate Responsibility and Ethics

Our values are at the heart of our company. These values direct all of our actions and behaviors. The shared commitment to our corporate responsibility rests with each member of SpecThera.

We believe that actions result from a culture of integrity. At SpecThera we have defined our Code of Business Conduct. This code of Business Conduct is part of the terms of employment for all members of SpecThera.

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides the foundation for all business conduct. Our essential objective is our conviction to uphold ethical standards in all our corporate activities. These standards apply to all the Company’s activities. The purpose of this Code is to provide basic guidelines for situations in which ethical issues may arise. The Code is followed in conjunction with the Company’s policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) where appropriate.

We also embed our integrity based culture in our management processes and have defined a robust governance process to ensure compliance in all our activities.