About SpecThera


About SpecThera

SpecThera is a biopharmaceutical company focused on Specialty medications.

Our mission at SpecThera is to provide highest quality specialty medications to patients that enables comprehensive patient care. Our #1 priority is patients and supporting healthcare professionals to improve outcomes for our patients.

We focus on providing medications to patients in therapeutic areas of Oncology, Immunology, Specialized anti-infectives and Complex products (ophthalmology, rare diseases, hospital CNS and others).

For us, each patient is important. Our focus is on patient care and improving patients’ lives . For us 1 patient is as important as 1 million.

SpecThera is continuously licensing in or acquiring specialty medications from other pharmaceuticals. Our first and foremost objective is to ensure these products continue to be available for patients and are delivered with highest quality. Additionally we ensure the medical knowledge on these products is maintained and disseminated. Further, SpecThera continues the clinical research for these products such as to ensure our products gain FDA approvals for additional indications and help improve patients’ lives.

We ensure the medical information about the products is accessible to healthcare professionals, and all patient services and access to medication support is of highest quality. We also ensure information available to patients and care givers is of highest quality.

Just as important as our patient mission to us is transparency and strong corporate responsibility especially related to business ethics and sales and marketing practices. We are driven by our values. Integrity and ethics is embedded in our behaviors at SpecThera as well as in our business code of conduct.